Graduate Students

updated: 04.04.2021

Name Degree Supervisor Email
Amitay Kislev PhD Yaron Oz
Ben Bar MSc Jacob Sonnenschein
Daniel Besserglik MSc Shmuel Nussinov & Itzhak Goldman
David Reikher PhD Erez Etzion
Elkana Porat PhD Ishay Pomerantz
Gad Ninio PhD Liron Barak
Gil Peled MSc Tomer Volansky
Gilad Mizrachi PhD Erez Etzion
Goran Johansson PhD Eliezer Piasetzky
Gregory Reznik MSc Lev Vaidman
Guy Koren PhD Erez Etzion
Guy Matmon MSc Jacob Sonnenschein
Hadar Cohen PhD Erez Etzion
Hadar Yehuda MSc Ishay Pomerantz
Hava Granovsky MSc Jacob Sonnenschein
Itamar Cohen PhD Ishay Pomerantz
Itay Bloch PhD Tomer Volansky
James Eiger PhD Michael Geller
Joel Barir MSc Tomer Volansky
Matan Ben - Dov MSc Ishay Pomerantz
Michal Elkind PhD Ishay Pomerantz
Moris Ben Yosef MSc Jacob Sonnenschein
Nadav Michael Tamir PhD Liron Barak
Nadav Shraier MSc Jacob Sonnenschein
Noam Levi PhD Tomer Volansky & Erez Etzion
Noam Rimock MSc Yaron Oz
Omer Katz MSc Tomer Volansky
Omry Noam MSc Ishay Pomerantz
Ori Fogel MSc Abner  Soffer
Rami Elkaiam MSc Benni Reznik
Raz Halifa Levi PhD Ishay Pomerantz
Tal Abadi MSc Nissan Itzhaki
Tal Cohen MSc Jacob Sonnenschein
Tal Schwartzman MSc Benni Reznik
Tom Levy PhD Yaron Oz
Uri Peleg PhD Nissan Itzhaki
Uriel Barron MSc Liron Barak
Yaakov Kolodner MSc Benjamin Svetitsky
Yaniv Amichay MSc Benni Reznik
Yarden Bar Flitter MSc Nissan Itzhaki
Yaron Korn MSc Tomer Volansky & Liron Barak
Yonatan Ben Gal MSc Liron Barak
Yonatan Gershuni MSc Ishay Pomerantz
Yuval Frid MSc Liron Barak
Zamir Heller Algazi MSc Michael Geller
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