Academic (Tenured or Tenure-Tracked) Positions at Universities Held by the School's PhD Graduates (1996-2009)

Felix Abramovich

(Steinberg), Associate Professor, TAU


Semyon Alesker

(Milman), Full Professor, TAU


Shiri Artstein-Avidan

(Milman), Full Professor, TAU


Yaron Azrieli

(Lehrer), Assistant professor, Ohio State University


Amir Beck

(Teboulle), Senior Lecturer, Technion


Roman Bezrukavnikov

(Bernstein), Full Professor, MIT


Alexander Braverman

(Bernstein), Associate Professor, Brown University


Maxim Braverman

(Farber), Associate Professor, Northeastern University


Alina Chertock

(Abarbanel), Associate Professor, NC State


Adi Ditkowski

(Abarbanel), Senior Lecturer, TAU


Dennis Gaitsgory

(Bernstein), Full Professor, Harvard


Simha Haber

(Krivelevich), Senior Lecturer, Bar Ilan University


Lilach Hadany

(Eshel), Senior Lecturer, TAU


Nir Halman

(Tamir), Lecturer, the Hebrew University (since Fall, 2009)


Ruth Heller

(Abramovich, Benjamini), Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University


Yuval Heller

(Solan), Associate Professor, University of Oxford


Boaz Ilan

(Fibich) Assistant Professor, University of California at Merced


Zur Izhakian

(Shustin), Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen


Dubi Kelmer ller

(Rudnick), Assistant Professor, Boston College


Dmitry Kerner

(Shustin), Senior Lecturer, Ben Gurion University


Boaz Klartag

(Milman) Full Professor, TAU


Igor Kliakhandler

(Sivashinsky), Associate Professor, Michigan Technological University


Gady Kozma

(Olevskii), Senior Lecturer, Weizmann Institute


Michael Krivelevich

(Alon), Full Professor, TAU


Alexander Kurganov

(Tadmor), Associate Professor, Tulane University


Vsevolod Lev

(Freiman), Associate Professor, University of Haifa at Oranim


Asaf Levin

(Hassin), Senior Lecturer, Technion


Doron Levy

(Tadmor), Associate Professor, University of Maryland at College Park


Alexander Litvak

(Gluskin, Milman), Associate Professor, University of Alberta


Boaz Nadler

(Schuss), Senior Researcher, Weizmann Institute


Yisrael Parmet

(Steinberg), Senior lecturer , Ben Gurion University


Anat Reiner-Ben Naim

(Benjamini), Senior Lecturer, Haifa University


Dan Romik

(Gilat), Senior Lecturer, The Hebrew University


Omri Sarig

(Aaronson), Associate Professor, Penn State University


Guy Sella

(Eshel), Senior Lecturer, The Hebrew University


Danny Segev

(Hassin), Lecturer, University of Haifa (since Fall 2009)


Eran Shmaya

(Lehrer), Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University


Amit Singer

(Schuss), Full Professor, Princeton University


Rann Smorodinsky

(Lehrer), Assistant Professor, Technion


Benjamin Sudakov

(Alon), Full Professor, UCLA


Roee Teper

(Lehrer), Assistant Professor, Pittsburgh University


Ilya Tyomkin

(Shustin), Senior Lecturer, Ben Gurion University


Igor Wigman

(Rudnick), Lecturer, King's College London


Danny Yekutieli

(Benjamini), Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University


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