Computer Systems

Communication Networks


Communication Protocols

Design and analysis of protocols and algorithms for efficient use of computer networks, including the Internet, wireless communications, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks. Study and development of communication protocols, such as flow control, end-to-end communication, routing, etc. Developing applications for fast communication networks, Programming interfaces( for Quality of Service ). 



Prof. Yehuda AfekProf. Hanoch Levy and Prof. Yishay Mansour.



Computer and Network Security



Dr. Eyal RonenProf. Adam Morrison  and Dr. Mahmood Sharif



Performance Models

Performance Models for Computer Operation and Computer Communication. Queuing Models for communication of multiple sources competing for shared links; Algorithms for efficient operation and their performance. 



Prof. Hanoch Levy



Distributed and Parallel Computing



Prof. Rotem OshmanProf. Adam Morrison and Prof. Shiri Chechik



Asynchronous Computation

Theoretical and experimental study of concurrent algorithms for inter process communication and synchronization, their efficiency and resilience; Development of practical fault-tolerant synchronization primitives with application in operating system development, multiprocessor architecture construction, and programming language design. Scalable concurrent data structures: Applications of Algebraic Topology to the modeling of computability and complexity in concurrent environments. 



Prof. Yehuda AfekProf. Yishay Mansour, Prof. Rotem OshmanProf. Adam Morrison.



Parallel Computation

Developing models and software tools and algorithms for efficient implementation of data intensive and numeric intensive computational problems on massively parallel multiprocessors. Solving Partial Differential Equations on parallel machines using spectral methods. Instruction-level and multi-processor parallelism. Studying the interplay between parallel computer systems and parallel algorithms. 



Prof. Amir AverbuchProf. Sivan Toledo and Prof. Amiram Yehudai



Programming Languages and Software Engineering

Design and analysis of parallel and distributed programming languages.



Prof. Yehuda AfekProf. Amiram YehudaiProf. Shahar MaozProf. Noam RinetzkyProf. Adam Morrison and Dr. Ori Lahav



Programming Environments

Developing and implementing algorithms to ease program development, including debuggers, static program checkers, program understanding tools, porting tools, and program slicing. 



Prof. Shmuel SagivProf. Nachum DershowitzProf. Amiram YehudaiProf. Shahar MaozProf. Noam RinetzkyProf. Ori Lahav and Prof. Sharon Shoham Buchbinder.




Theoretical and experimental studies of compiler techniques. Compiling high level programming languages. Compiler optimizations for scalar and super scalar machines. Efficient treatment of memory hierarchy. 



Prof. Shmuel Sagiv and Prof. Noam Rinetzky.



Flash Memory

Design, implementation, and evaluation of storage systems based on flash memories. Design of algorithms and data structures that exploit flash effectively.



Prof. Sivan Toledo.



Software Engineering



Prof. Amiram Yehudai and Prof. Shahar Maoz.




Computer architecture and Operating Systems



Prof. Adam Morrison


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