Physics Colloquium: Geometry and light

Prof. Ulf Leonhardt, University of St Andrews

06 January 2013, 16:00 
Shenkar Building, Melamed Hall 006 
Physics Colloquium


Maxwell's electrodynamics in empty space has been the primary inspiration for Einstein's special theory of relativity. The lecture explains how electrodynamics in media is related to general relativity, i.e. how a space-time geometry appears as a dielectric medium and, vice versa, how a medium can be used to create an effective space-time geometry in practice. Applications of the theory include experimental demonstrations of invisibility cloaking, perfect imaging and artificial black holes. The lecture shows how ideas from general relativity can be put to practical use in electrical and optical engineering, from Einstein to Maxwell and return.


Seminar Organisers: Dr. Tomer Volansky, Dr. Dovi Poznanski

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