University Analytical Chemistry Lab

updated: 19.11.2015

University Analytical Chemistry Lab

The Tel Aviv University Center for Analytical Chemistry, which operates from the School of Chemistry at TAU, offers an efficient and responsive solution to a variety of analytical needs.


The Center has a comprehensive collection of key analytical instruments and their operation know-how. Our core analytical techniques include: 


Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) -  A common type of chromatography used in analytical chemistry for the separation and analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds. Typical uses of GC-MS include separation of components of a mixture, and identification and quantification of particular substances. GC-MS enables the detection, with additional identification and structural information via fragment masses, library identification, and isotope distribution analyses for elemental formulas.


Gas Chromatography (GC- FID/ECD) - Integrated with great separation capability of GC,  FID provides a fast response time and high sensitivity for analytes containing hydrocarbon-based residues. ECD is dedicated for highly sensitive detection of electronegative compounds such as halogens, nitro groups etc. Specifically, ECD is designed for the detection of explosives, poly chlorinated pesticides, fire retardant and other environmentally and biologically active materials. 


Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) - High-Performance Liquid Chromatography is used for the separation, identification and quantification of a wide range of mixture compounds. The variety of available columns allows  a comprehensive range of separations and applications. Our HPLC is equipped with a Diode Array detector for flexibly UV-VIS absorption detection.


Flame Atomic Emission/Absorption  Spectroscopy (AAS/AES) - Analytical technique that measures the concentrations of elements (mainly metals). Atomic absorption can measure down to ppb concentrations of analytes in a sample. The systems also include flame atomic emission capability.


Our analytical equipment and facilities are primarily used to support the university research community, but we also gladly assist government, industry, and the public with analytical chemistry solutions. 


We aim to provide a first class analytical service and offer unique knowledge to assist with any complex or simple technical issue. The unit also accommodates the special needs of clients, such as analytical method development and support for specific research projects, both large and small.


The Center also welcomes graduate and undergraduate students, providing the necessary training and hands-on access to advanced analytical equipment and allowing them to develop essential research and work skills via hands-on operation of the center's equipment.


To find out more regarding services provided and additional analytical solutions, you are welcome to contact Dr. Bogdan Belgorodsky via Email or by telephone 03-640 6866/8270. For further assistance - we will be happy to discuss all available options.


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