Spectroscopy, Optics

updated: 20.09.2022


Spectroscopy investigates the interaction of matter and electromagnetic radiation. Historically starting with visible light, it extended into the longer wave-length infra-red, radio and micro-wave on one side and into ultra-violet, far ultra-violet, X-rays and gamma-rays on the short wave-length side.

By analyzing frequencies (or respective wave-lenghts) Spectrospy investigates absorption of light, emission, elastic and inelastic scattering, in order to study structure and dynamics of atoms, ions, molecules, clusters, macromolecules, polymers, crystal lattices and irregular solids. Typical "finger prints" of each species yield very sharp identification, that otherwise cannot be detected.




Prof. Ebenstein Yuval, Prof. Fleischer Sharly, Prof. Markovich Gil, Profl Roichman Yael, Dr. Schwartz Tal, Prof. Selzer Yoram, Dr. Sorkin Raya.



Prof. Cheshnovsky OriProf. Cheskis Sergey, ​Prof. Even Uzi.


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