Material & Nano Science

updated: 20.09.2022

Material & Nano Science

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the generation, study and application of extremely small objects on the nanometer scale size.


These are relevant in and throughout many disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, material sciences and engineering. The small dimensions of the nano-object provide them with special properties and capabilities, unattainable in the bulk matter.




Prof. Amir Roey, Prof. Cohen Guy, Prof. Diamant Haim, Prof. Dobrovetsky Roman, Prof. Fleischer Sharly, Prof. Fridman Micha, Prof. Goldbourt Amir, Prof. Golodnitsky DianaProf. Hod Oded, Prof. Kol Moshe, Prof. Markovich Gil, Prof. Patolsky Fernando, Prof. Rabani Eran, Prof. Roichman Yael, Dr. Schwartz Tal, Prof. Selzer Yoram, Prof. Shabat DoronDr. Sitt Amit, Dr. Sorkin Raya.



Prof. Amirav Aviv, Prof. Cheshnovsky Ori, Prof. Even UziProf. Klafter Joseph (Yossi)Prof. Nitzan Abraham, ​Prof. Peled Emanuel,​ Prof. Urbakh Michael.


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